Signs of Spring
February 9, 2013, 8:25 pm
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As blizzard NEMO slams the northeast, it is hard to believe that spring is right around the corner. But spring was in the air as volunteers of the Lawrenceville Organic Community Gardens (LOCG) met with representatives from Grow Pittsburgh to discuss the community garden in Upper Lawrenceville on McCandless Avenue.

Volunteers needed! In order to grow the garden, we need members of the community to pitch in and really invest in the garden’s success. No experience is necessary. With Grow Pittsburgh’s support we are totally redesigning the garden. The change will require a variety of skillsets, so there will be a range of volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, send an email to: You can also join our Facebook group: for more information.

Finally, as a result of our support from Grow Pittsburgh, we will be offering some garden-based workshops in the neighborhood. Announcements will be made very soon.

Looking forward to a very exciting and busy spring!


Lawrenceville Joy of Cookie Tour-Cookie Mall
December 2, 2012, 2:56 am
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Lawrenceville Joy of Cookie Tour-Cookie Mall

What an amazing day at the Lawrenceville Joy of Cookies Tour! Neighbors and visitors were treated to a sunny day and mild temperatures as they shopped up and down Butler Street.

This was the second year that the Lawrenceville Organic Community Gardens participated in the Cookie Mall. The unique shopping experience, held at the Teamsters Temple (wow, what a great remodel), offers non-profits and organizations the opportunity to promote their organizations and raise funds.

Once again we sold herb-based cookies: lavender, rosemary, sage, and thyme. They were a hit! It was a great day talking to neighbors and visitors about the garden. Happy to be a part of a growing Lawrenceville tradition!

Also a BIG THANKS to the Lawrenceville Hospitality Association for their generous donation!

Garden friends…
September 27, 2012, 12:27 am
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Garden friends...

Long time gone….
September 27, 2012, 12:25 am
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It has been a while since I have posted anything on the blog, but I now realize important it is to not only update interested folks about the gardens.  This is an opportunity to share with the world all of our accomplishments, as well as mishaps in the Lawrencville Organic Communiy Gardens. 

The past few months we have een unbelievably successful.  In the cemetery garden we really hit the jackpot with our Japanse eggplant.  Once they started producing, we were harvesting at least 8-10 eggplants per workday!  We were also very successful with tomatoes growing an abundance of sunsugar cherry tomatoes, as well as cool varieties like the “pineapple” tomato. 

Unfortunately it was not all rosey. Our hardworking volunteers had to work hard battling some gound hogs this year.  We did lose some vegetation, but once we secured the perimeter with some chickenwire, we were good for the rest of the year.  I must admit that we did have some unexpected moments with the little creatures, which were hilarious. 

Finally at the Lawrenceville Organic Community Garden @ McCandless we had some highs and lows. Our regular group of young neighbors worked with us all summer long.  Unfortunately in one night of thoughtless actions, we lost a big chun of our produce.  But we did not let that defeat us.  Again with the help of our dedicated volunteers we replanted.  We now have beautiful greens growing, along with beets and radishes 🙂

This Sunday, September 30th 11am-1pm we are having a party to celebrate our first year at the McCandless & Natrona garden.  There will be food,  game, arts & crafts and FUN!  It is time to celebrate 🙂  I will be posting pictures from the event to share the joy!!!

More veggies and new friends.
May 23, 2012, 3:23 am
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Great weekend at both gardens.   At the LOCG (cemetery) we planted our seedlings from Grow Pittsburgh: tomatoes, zucchini, egglplants, basil, peppers and some flowers.  We also harvested a ton of delicious and sweet strawberries.  This has been the best year for strawberries ever in the garden.  The next workday will be Saturday at  11am, mostly weeding and watering.

Sunday at the McCandless and Natrona was also quite productive.  With the help of some young neighbors we planted peppers, yellow crookneck squash, eggplants and herbs.  It was great working with the kids, they were so eager to help and learn; they even tasted the herbs!  We will be working tomorrow at 6pm.  Sunday again weeding and watering…grow garden, grow!

We got plants…
May 15, 2012, 1:48 am
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Now that the Allegheny Cemetery has finally extended hours of operation we are able to work in the evenings.  Tomorrow Grow Pittsburgh will be dropping off all of our seedlings, so we will plant them on Wednesday at the Cemetery garden at 6pm.  Really excited to get some color into the garden with the nasturtiums, they are just so bright and beautiful, not to mention tasty.  We also have a bunch of veggies to plant too so it will be a pretty busy evening. In case of rain or if we just run out of light, we will be working on Saturday at 1pm at the Cemetery garden.

Volunteers have been busy at the McCandless and Natrona garden.  Sunday we planted 3 beds with tomatoes (roma and early girl) and one bed of green peppers.   Volunteers also spread the garden mulch around the garden bed, it really looks great and should really help with the weeds.  It is great talking to the neighbors as they pass by, always letting them know that they are welcome to join us and of course welcome to share in the harvest once the garden starts producing.  Our next workday at the McCandless and Natrona garden is on Sunday at 11am.

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New Garden…and planting all around.
May 5, 2012, 8:26 pm
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Great news for the Lawrenceville Organic Community Garden…we are growing, literally!  We have a satellite garden in the neighborhood on the corner of McCandless and Natrona.  The garden was started last year when Lawrenceville United was awarded a Beautify Your Block Grant  by City of Pittsburgh.  L.U. was awarded a Home Depot gift card, as well as fencing and other city services needed to prepare the vacant lots for the new garden.  Last fall volunteers from CMU built the 4×4 beds for use in the garden.

Last week we finally started to get the garden moving for the 2012 growing season.  Volunteers helped to arrange the beds and then fill the beds with the soil.  Unfortunately the weather was not our side so we had to call it a day after filling the new raised beds.  This week we were able to plant carrots, beets, radishes and sun sugar tomatoes!

Today was also a very productive workday in the LOCG garden in the cemetery.  Unfortunately as I entered I quickly realized that we had an unwelcomed visitor!  The sugar snap peas should be growing up the teepee by now, but they are stumps.  So we took immediate action.  One of the volunteers recommended we simply build a chicken wire wall around the teepee to protect the peas.  Thankfully we did have some wire on hand.  We worked as a team and built our protective barrier in no time.  As some volunteers were busy helping to protect those precious sweet treats, others workeed diligently to build another teepee for our sun sugar tomatoes.  Thanks to Mary Lou we had some great starts to plant and wanted to make sure they were supporteed.

Both gardens are looking great!  I will be posting workdays and times on The Lawrenceville Organic Community Garden (LOCG) facebook page, so please check it out if you are interested in volunteering and helping to grow fresh, organic food!